Zach Wilder

    10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

    Everybody has always said I was born to be a DJ. Probably because I’ve been spinning records and adoring music longer than I’ve been able to walk. There’s not a silent second of my life; music, music facts, and music memorabilia fill every nook and cranny of my house, and I’m so excited to be on Big 101.3. I was born in Cranston, RI and have lived there my entire life. I grew up on a tree-lined street in good old suburbia and had some of the best neighbors around, many of whom are still some of my best friends to this day. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to eat. I’m pretty much as Italian as they come (but don’t worry, my grandfather was from Texas. There’s some cowboy in there somewhere). Even still, I can’t get enough bread, pasta, and tall glasses of lemonade to go with it. But as soon as I got my first Beatles record for Christmas when I was 4, all bets were off. I knew the rest of my life would be about music. And being super chatty didn’t hurt my chances in radio either. Long story short, I’m happy to serve your music needs in any way possible.